Logbook Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

The Pilot Logbook System (Desktop) and companion app JCST Logbook (Android) store user entered flight information in a database on their respective devices. This data may be shared, by the user, between the desktop application and the Android app but is not shared outside these in any way. The desktop application has the facility to store additional information about flights, e.g. photos, but this additional information is not shared in any way.

If, in the course of trying to resolve a technical issue, the user (manually) supplies data to JCST to assist in duplicating or otherwise resolving the issue, that data is treated as confidential, is used solely for the purpose of diagnosing the relevant issue and not shared or passed on to any third party. Once the issue for which the data was provided is resolved, the data is removed from JCST's systems.

This policy applies to this application and to the Android app JCST Logbook.

Prepared: February 6, 2023
Copyright Johnson Computer Software Team Limited. 2023